Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let Down, Reign Supreme, At Half Mast and Kids Like Us at the Viaduct.

Reign Supreme came into town with Let Down and Kids like us. At Half Mast also played this show but almost did not make it. By the time they made it there most people had left, but these guys drove 20 hours straight from Denver to make it this show. Mostly because I have been a big fan of theirs for a few years and one of their biggest supporters. I had waited since 06 to see them live and was hella bummed when I was told that they had to cancel. But before Kids Like us played, it was announced that they were going to make it after all. Most people left after KLU, which was disappointing but I am sure some of them had a long drive ahead of them. Anyway I was stoked and it was good to finally meet the band in person and they told me one of the reasons they had to make this show was for me. Thanks Guys! That will forever mean a lot. Anyway some locals opened the show but I cannot remember who. Here are pictures from all 4 touring bands.

Let Down

Reign Supreme

Kids Like Us

At Half Mast

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