Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sojourner Video Shoot.

On Sunday July 20th before the show that evening, NW hardcore band Sojourner filmed a video for their song Tinder at the Viaduct in Tacoma WA. The shoot took place in the alley in the back of the club. The band played a set and then repeated the song Tinder four or five times. The weather was perfect for filming outside, sunny and warm. Local M.I.O.L.I. crew favorite Steik bought a bunch of sponge darts and launchers at the dollar store in honor of the occasion. There were about 200 darts flying through the air as the band played and the camera rolled. During the second song some fool from Bremerton planted a fire cracker bomb in the huge garbage can next to the back door of the venue. 4 feet from where I was standing and about 6 feet from where the band was playing.

I was watching as the sponge darts flew through the air. As soon as one of the darts hit the can I heard a mini explosion and all of a sudden smoke poured from the can. It was no ordinary garbage can either. It looked like a huge double recycling bin but was black instead of blue and held non recyclables like styrofoam and other flammable junk. A few seconds later a bunch of us near the fire realized that something was entirely wrong. Zach MIOLI opened it to reveal an awful mess of a little fire. I dumped my water bottle on it and ran into the club for more water. In the meantime a few other awesome dudes started grabbing water too. Nothing worked until someone filled up the mop bucket with water. This little fire was going strong and it could of exploded with all that industrial flammable waste inside. The dudes who run the venue were pissed, especially Brian the singer of Sojourner. Luckily nothing serious happened.

Back in the olden days of hardcore and punk, doing stuff like that got u banned from certain places. This dude was lucky he did not get nothing but a talking to in the office. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

The shoot continued and the filming commenced. Everything went awesome and I am excited to see the video. Below are some pictures of that day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lion Rider, Rebuilt and Open Fire open for Shipwreck at the Viaduct.

Thursday July 25th Shipwreck came to Tacoma. Although the turn out was not too high, everyone that went came through and made sure Shipwreck sold a good deal of hoodies and windbreakers. I was proud that a band can come all the way to Tacoma with less than 30 paid and walk away with more money than I currently have in the bank. This makes me happy. With gas the way it is bands need to sell merch and get a bit of the door just to make it to the next show.

Locals Lion Rider, Rebuilt, Running Scared and Open Fire opened the show.

Lion Rider


Open Fire


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have Heart and Verse live in Olympia 2008

Have Heart, Verse, Ancient Head, On and Rebuilt all played this show, which took place June 5th at The Black Lake Grange in Olympia WA. Here are some of the photos I took of Have Heart and Verse.

Verse set list

Have Heart set list