Thursday, August 7, 2008

Circles, Vanguard, Dragline and Soul Control at Camp Nowhere.

Soul Control played one of its 3 northwest dates at Camp Nowhere. I had been stoked about this show since it was advertised months ago. The lineup changed a few times, with ON and Get the Most dropping off. Dragline also played their Seattle record release set at this show. I love that band and their first ep blew me away. I did not take any pictures of them though, unfortunately. I did get pictures of the other three bands though. Thanks to the peeps at Camp Nowhere for saving this show when it got dropped from the Fusion Cafe.

The turn out was good with pretty much the usual cast of characters for a seattle show with Circles and Vanguard. I had a good time and picked up the new record from Dragline-which is amazing by the way. Here are the pictures from that night.



Soul Control

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